Q. How would I discontinue the service?

A. Simply opt out.

Q. When should I contact you?

A. As quickly as possible.

Q. How do I let the system know?

A. Just email us with as much pertinent information regarding the product as possible.

Direct Early Warning (D.E.W.) System

Q. I'm not your customer. Why contact me?

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. Everyone related to this business is a part of our community, client or not. This is how we give back.

Q. Why coins, bullion, and small gold amounts?

A. Coins and bullion are the least tested in order to keep their value at a premium. Experience has shown small amounts distract the buyers focus.

Q. What is the purpose of this service?

A. Now you can anonymously warn fellow business owners and still protect your privacy.

​Q. Why did you send me this email?

A. After researching your company, we observed that you purchase products of various types. This service could be helpful to you.

Q. Why one hundred kilometers?

A. Our research shows most reoccurrence of this type of incident happens quickly within that distance. 

Q. Why should I warn my competitors?

A. Doing good comes back invarious ways. Usually, someone is stuck with bad merchandise, or unknowingly sends it to someone else. 

Q. How big of an area does this service cover?

A. We will notify everyone in the system within in a one hundred kilometer radius of your location.